What is audionub LAB?

audionub LAB is a DJ academy and Electronic Music Production institute conceptualised by a group of artists who have been around for more than a decade performing at major events and venues across India.

A few years ago, Pune used to be the bedrock of amazing electronic music artists and DJs testing their sound at venues with a vibrant audience. Pune’s music scene has significantly gone down and we are left with a handful of DJ academies (with very little knowledge to impart) that make every DJ sound exactly like the other, eventually making every venue sound the same.
Fortunately, we are from that era of great sound and aim to bring the scene back to this great city through audionub LAB - the most in-depth DJ and Music Production Institute in Pune. Here, we focus on bringing out your sound.

Courses We Offer:

We offer a variety of courses in DJing, Music Production & Live Visual Mixing.
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