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The focus of audionub has always been around an Artist’s life, as our team too is full of them. audionub LAB is conceptualised on experiences about music, imparting knowledge about music production and performing electronic music live. Here you will learn everything about sound (good and bad), sound mixing, music production techniques, stage etiquettes and a lot more!

We have designed a unique and exhaustive course structure to get your basics right and help you evolve according to the sound you follow. Being a DJ or an electronic music producer is so much more than merely mixing of sounds, genres or commercial and underground music and hence, along with a great faculty and equipment, we have guest sessions with some of the the best electronic music producers and artists in India, for you to interact with and learn a few tricks of the trade.

audionub LAB is here to create a fraternity of great electronic music artists, and if you’re starting out now or just want to polish your basics, this is the best place.

Enroll today and sound right!

Team audionub LAB

audionub LAB has a group of electronic music artists coming together to create a unique learning experience while making way for a new wave of musicians that focus on the quality of music and sound.

Our core faculty has played alongside several national and international acts like Above & Beyond, Max Graham, Dan Stone, YOTTO, Super 8 & Tab, Jerome Isma-Ae, Infected Mushroom, Darin Epsilon, Nucleya, Norman Doray, Nikhil Chinappa, Paul Thomas, Seven Lions and many others while playing at popular venues and major events around the country.


Shrikant (one half of Collective Frequency) has been DJing for 15+ years now. Starting off playing at many a bollywood parties, Shrikant steadily developed his sound and skillset. With a keen interest in the ever evolving DJ technology, Shrikant has proficiency over any setup! A master of the trade, Shrikant has had many a laurels to his name. Opening for the legendary Above & Beyond is one feather-in-the-cap that Shrikant is super proud of! Talk about Trance and Shrikant’s face lights up, as Collective Frequency has constantly been a keen supporter and promoter of the Trance scene in Pune. His attention to detail and knowledge of genres make him a perfect mentor for upcoming DJs.
P.S.: Check out Collective Frequency’s first release: Collective Frequency - Serene (Original Mix)


Ameya is our (self aware) in-house technology geek. Being the co-founder of audionub, a platform for music artists to showcase their work and connect with their audience, audionub LAB was a very natural progression for him and the team. Ameya has been DJing and producing music since 2003. From making bollywood remixes to curating his own underground electronic sound, Ameya has come a long way. Owing to his obsession with technical perfection, Ameya was adjudged Kingfisher Ultra DJ from Pune for 2010-11 by a few of India’s biggest names in electronic music. Creating engaging audio and visual content is what fascinates him and drives him to constantly surround himself with new tech. His mantra, as he puts it, is to never stop learning.
Otherwise a person of a few words, Ameya can talk tirelessly about everything to do with music! You can test this out yourself - don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!


Omkar, also known by his stage name - STOTRA, is our youngest (and arguably, funniest) faculty member. With a deep love for electronic music and a strong Audio Engineering background, Omkar fits our team like a glove! His emotional involvement towards music is evident from the organic melodies and carefully crafted sets that he plays. Production-wise Omkar has a variety of influences. His own music style is a sweet affair of melody and bass, the groove is as alive and soulful as he is while creating music! In his own words, “Music makes me happy! What I intend to do is spread the joy with as many souls as I can!”


Indrajeet is our go-to guy for everything to do with visuals. Experimentation is something that always excites him. Be it creating fresh visual content or physically creating structures for projection mapping, Indrajeet is always hands-on! He has a deep understanding of softwares which translates perfectly when he is performing. Known for his projection mapping installations, Indrajeet has enhanced the visual appeal of performances for some of the best artists in the music scene from India and abroad. Indrajeet also works on various short and feature-length films.

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