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With a variety of courses to choose from, we have a modular approach to training. You can be an absolute beginner to the world of electronic music production and DJing, yet find the course content easy to learn. Well begun is indeed half done, hence we stress on perfecting your basics. What follows is learning organically and instinctively. If you have some prior knowledge of DJing and/or music production, audionub Lab will help you brush-up on your skills while helping you organise, work with you to perfect your sound and learn tricks of the newest music production softwares. Couple these with mentorship from industry veterans through guest lectures, workshops and one on one sessions, you get a 360° learning experience. We understand that you could be doing hundreds of things apart from music in a day and hence we have convenient batches for students and working professionals. Apart from being a music academy audionub Lab is a collective effort to have great sounding music artists to listen to.

Check out our courses below. Have any questions? Get in touch with us!